Stock Color List
Our total line of products represents a variety of materials, all of which may be coated in the colors listed in our Stock Color List. The coating materials have a thermosetting base for maximum resistance to wear, abrasion, and volatile solvents.

Customer requirements for new colors will be coded and added to our master color list when placed in stock.

Fed. Std. 595 colors are preferred due to broad usage; however, we do match suitable color chips in any color. For surface finish, precede the color (shown as [ ] brackets) with G (gloss), S (semi-gloss), or L (lusterless). Fed. Std. 595 lists the 10,000 series as gloss (G), 20,000 series as semi-gloss (S), and 30,000 series as lusterless (L).
Color-Coated Screws and Fasteners
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