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Stake Fastener Company products are designed around our specialization in cold heading, screw machine work, threading, injection molding, and decorative coating processes.

Stake Fastener Company offers four basic product categories: Screw/Washer assemblies (PAN-L-SCREWS / Screws with Captive Metal Washer), Color-Coated Screws (without washers), Pressure Displacement Stake Fasteners, and Special Fasteners.

Each listed part has a corresponding data sheet, which can be downloaded for reference purposes from the specific part's page. Part specifications are provided on part drawings, which are controlled with revisions. These part drawings are available by contacting our Engineering Department.
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If you have a Stake Fastener part number, you can use the Part Finder drop-down menu to find the data sheet for that part. Refer to the "Head Type" and "Material" code in the part number, then use the drop- down menu to select the part that matches the two codes. The Color Code is also not necessary for this search. For color availability, please refer to our
Stock Color List.
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Head Type - Thread+Length - Material - Color
Sample part no.:        PS                10F8                   D       L01BK
Part Finder
Browse our product images for the best match for your requirement.
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