Stake Fastener Co.
Stake Fastener Company is an operating division of Dupree, Inc., a privately-owned California corporation, founded in 1958.  We operate from a modern, 60,000 sq. ft facility, own our own buildings and all equipment, and operate free of debt. Financial reports are prepared regularly by an independent CPA firm and can be available for confidential review by customers.

Our knowledgeable staff has helped us register 20 patents on various innovative products over the past fifty years. Furthermore,we have historically invested in excess of 10% of sales each year into R & D and new product development to take advantage of advancements and new technology for the benefit of our customers.
Our business systems, inventory management, and ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 registered quality control system are fully integrated with an ERP platform, making this information seamless and accessible.

A qualified team of experts closely manages Stake Fastener Company.  Our conservative financial structure allows us to weather economic downturns and we have the wherewithal to finance new product development and growth. Customers are always welcome to speak with us in person.  We work with customers on a global scale, shipping our products worldwide, and have facilities with room to grow.
About Stake Fastener Co.
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Stake Fastener Co.
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