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Stake Fastener Co., an operating division of Dupree, Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of unique special application fasteners, with an emphasis on color-matched panel screws and screw assemblies. Our color-matched fasteners are not just painted, but coated with a durable epoxy-based material that resists chipping and flaking.
Painted Screws Aerospace
All products are proprietary in nature. The designs are conceived, engineered, tooled, manufactured, assembled and shipped from our Chino, California, facility. This enables our staff, using documented procedures, to maintain close control over the entire manufacturing process.
Painted Screws Fasteners
Our first products, introduced over forty years ago, were originally designed for aerospace applications. Since then our products have found use in several other industries, including transportation, agricultural equipment, computers, medical equipment, instrumentation, climate control, and rack mounted equipment, to name a few. All of our products, are documented on individual engineering drawings. We welcome all inquiries for similar items not shown on this site and enjoy working with designers and engineers to propose recommendations for their particular application needs.
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